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September 28, 2016

9 Things You’re Doing That Hurts Your Blog’s SEO

You may have noticed a peak in blog and internet marketing related posts around here as of late and that is true. I’ve been really inspired lately to share some of my blogging insights and knowledge with you all and you guys seem to be LOVING IT (considering these posts get about 50-60% more comments, 6x the shares and saves on Bloglovin, and more traffic than typical posts). And, I’m amped you like it, because I actually really enjoy writing these posts. As a lot of you know, I used to be a teacher. I have a Bachelor Degree in Education and spent 3 years teaching in the public school system before quitting my profession as an educator to pursue Internet Marketing. Getting to teach ABOUT Internet Marketing is sort of like two of my passions getting to come together into one…and I might have a lot more of that coming (SPOILER ALERT!). For today, I wanted to share a basic SEO toolkit with you all on things you might be doing that are hurting your blog’s SEO, and things you can to do improve your SEO.

Quick overview, if you need a refresher…SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the process in which websites are ranked on SERPs (search engine results pages). Every day bots crawl websites and take what they find from the content, the keywords, the images, and so on, and decide WHAT that page/post/website is about. It then uses that info to display post and websites to someone searching for a specific keyword on the internet. The algorithm for ranking high in Google and other SERPs is constantly changing, but there are many things you can do to improve your likelihood of showing up and gaining traffic this way. If you want more, I suggest checking out What is SEO from Search Engine Land.

Ok, onto the post, here is:

9 Things You’re Doing That Hurts Your Blog’s SEO

9 Things You're Doing That Hurts Your Blog SEO | Blogger

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September 23, 2016


In case you missed it, it’s fall.

HAHA! That was obviously a joke because if you even opened your eyes yesterday, you were bombarded by announcements that yesterday marked the first day of Autumn and it is now officially Pumpkin Spice Season. We can all indulge in all our favorite fall things, roll around in nutmeg and cinnamon, feverishly burn all our fall candles, and take way too many instagrams including PSLs, maroon booties, and miniature pumpkins (all of which I have already done.)

Being fall-obsessed may put you in the category of “basic” but if loving this season is wrong I don’t want to be right. And so today’s post is an ode to the wonderful season of FALL.

4 Reasons Everyone Loves Fall (yea, even you.)


Pumpkin Spice

The most basic of the basics, Pumpkin Spice actually is the happiest flavor in the entire world. It is the only thing that can pull me away from my normal order of black coffee. Not to mention pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pasta, pumpkin soup…you feel me?
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September 21, 2016

5 Classic Fall Nail Colors


The first day of fall is tomorrow. This is not a drill. As of tomorrow morning I get to eat all the fall foods, drink all the PSLs, and paint my nails ALL the fall colors.

I personally hold off on any fall related goodies until it is officially fall. I like to give summer its due time. Today is the last day of summer, which is a little bittersweet, but if fall is really coming we might as well embrace it. Along with spring, fall definitely has my favorite beauty/style trends. I love flannels, vests, darker hues, vampy lips, booties, and leather jackets. I figured to get us geared up for fall I’d share my top favorite fall nail polish colors with you all.

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