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3 Colorful Summer Nail Art Designs (that require NO nail art tools!)

Hey there, my friends! Today I’m coming at you with another no-nail-art-tool-required nail art post! I’m sharing three of my favorite go-to nail art looks that are super easy and don’t require you to own anything special to create. Because, let’s be honest, my nail polish collection is already big enough, the last thing I need is to take up MORE space with dotting tools, stripers and nail art pens.
The video shows how to create each look, see below for the exact time in the video when each nail design is shown if you only want to see one.
Design One: Gradient/Ombre (tutorial starts at 0:30)
I love this design, I think it looks so much more advanced than it really is to create. I will note that every once and awhile I get a dud design, so don’t panic if you’re first one doesn’t turn out well.  Sometimes a polish’s formula or color just isn’t well suited for the sponge application.
Design One: Monet Watercolors  (tutorial starts at (1:39)
These nails remind me of the famous lily pad pond paintings by Monet. I love the way they are fun and colorful but still somewhat chic and classic.
Design Three: Paintbrush Strokes (tutorial starts at 2:50)
This design totally reminds me of paintbrush strokes, or those melting crayon art things that were really cool on Pinterest a year or so ago. 
How to create these designs:
I’m not implying that I created these designs completely on my own.  They are not replicated from one place in particular but are inspired by and adapted from all over: Pinterest, instagram, fellow bloggers and YouTube alike.
What are your favorite easy nail art designs?
Which of these three are you most likely to rock?

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