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A Christmas Confession

I have a Christmas confession.  This year will be the 10th Christmas Michael and I have been together and our 9th living together.  We, however, have only had one Christmas tree.
I know. Pathetic.
Well, this year we decided we needed to really up our game. We need a Christmas tree, we need decorations, we need to make Christmas cookies, and watch Christmas movies and sing holiday songs and drink egg nog and fa la la la la, dang it.
Here’s one more little Christmas confession.  When I get an idea in my head, it’s hard to change my mind. So when I decided I wanted a Christmas tree, I decided I wanted it NOW (as in the weekend before Thanksgiving.)  Turns out some places won’t sell you a Christmas tree until the day after Thanksgiving.  Also turns out some people will try to tell you if, “you buy a Christmas tree now, it’ll be dead by Christmas!”
Well, Ba-humbug to them. I wanted it. And I wanted it right now.  
So, that’s how Michael and I ended up the Sunday before Thanksgiving, coffee in hand, set off to find a Christmas tree.
Two Christmas Tree farms, two farm stands, and a creepy man’s backyard with a questionable “Christmas Tree” sign later, we found the most perfect Christmas tree there ever was.
I let Michael take the honorary manly duty of cutting down our prize tree and hauling it back to the car.  And later that night we enjoyed the magical glow of Christmas tree lights and the sweet smell of balsam.


Cheers, my little Christmas tree. May your life be long enough to make it to New Year’s, so that I won’t regret my premature purchase.

Outfit details:
Jacket  //  Forever 21Jeans  //  Abercrombie & FitchT-Shirt  //  J.CrewBoots  // Old, similar hereBoot cuffs  //  K.M. HuttonKnitted Cowl  //  K.M. HuttonI took my new pieces from K.M. Hutton out on my Christmas tree adventures.  K.M. Hutton is owned by a local artist who makes amazing knit and stitched items from scarves to boot cuffs to purses.  I’m so excited to team up with K.M. Hutton again this season to share her fantastic stuff with you.

Use the code SHOPCOZYKALLIE when you purchase from K.M. Hutton and get 20% off your entire order until 12/10!  That means you can gift something and get something for yourself!  Order by December 10th and get guaranteed Christmas delivery!Alright, go ahead. Tell me your Christmas/Holiday confessions.  You know I wanna know ’em.Signature

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