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8 Fall Staples Under $30

Side-Vent Tunic This is a great tunic sweatshirt! It’s a thicker sweatshirt type material with slits on the side. It’s nice and long so you can wear it with your favorite leggings! Comes in lots of colors! Terry Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt  Really great, basic fleece ... READ the POST

Tips for Stress-Free Moving

This post is sponsored by Allstate. All opinions are my own. As many of you know, we just purchased our first house! While that's very exciting, the actual process of moving is not. And trust me, I'd know. Michael and I have lived in 8 apartments/homes together. We've done our fair share of ... READ the POST

What I Loved in August

I'm hoping, possibly very over-optimistically, to get back to sharing monthly favorites (or maybe every-other-monthly favorites). Either way I had some good stuff from August, so I wanted to round 'em up for you. Let's do it. Clothing I Loved A few new loves in the clothing department ... READ the POST

Our Breastfeeding Journey (10 Month Update)

If you've been following along since Miles' was born, you know our breastfeeding journey was anything but a walk in the park. You can get up to speed here. I still get messages weekly from new moms thanking me for my breastfeeding post. Sharing how they are struggling now and reading what I went ... READ the POST

Miles’ Living Room Play Corner (& Toy Organization Tips)

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Huggies®. One of the big priorities, when we got into the new house, was to get things settled enough so there were places for Miles to play. Not because our world revolves around our kid (although, with a face this cute it kinda does — only kidding ... READ the POST

We Bought a House!

The Journey to Buying Our Home: We've wanted to buy a house for a long time. As I've shared, in 2017 we paid off a ton of debt, and in 2018 we paid off our two remaining debts: Michael's car and our last student loan. Living debt-free has been amazing. It has allowed us to put money away and put ... READ the POST

Vinalhaven, Maine Family Vacation + road trip tips with baby

We recently returned from our family summer trip to Vinalhaven, Maine. I got SO many questions about the location and about car tripping with a baby (it was about a 6.5-hour drive + a 90-minute ferry to Vinalhaven.) So, I wanted to share it all in one place! I'm recapping our trip via your FAQs ... READ the POST

All About My Hair (and how I go 8+ days between washes)

History of My Hair My hair is naturally frizzy. Not really curly, not straight, sort of just poofy. As I’ve gotten older, it’s flattened a little. Whether from age or from years of straightening it. The natural color is a medium brown that during reddish from the sun. It’s naturally dry. I don’t ... READ the POST

Amazon Fashion Picks for Summer 2019 under $25

It's time to share some more Amazon fashion finds for summer. Check out my last Amazon try-on here from February 2019. To recap, here are some of my tips for buying Amazon fashion: Stick to Brands You Know: Amazon sells brands we all know and love like Levi’s, Adidas, Calvin Klein, etc. But, ... READ the POST