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Travel | Beer, Bacon, and NYC

Morning, friends! Today I have a few snaps to share with you from my trip into NYC this weekend. I met up with friends (and friends-of-friends because it’s always the best getting to meet new people!) and went to the Beer and Bacon Classic at Citi Field.

The weather was less than warm, but it was sunny and there was beer and there was bacon and I couldn’t be mad.

I wasn’t allowed to bring my camera, because they had a “no lenses bigger than 3″ rule.” I don’t really understand when events have these rules, what am I going to do? Zoom in really close on people?

Either way, I have a sorry lack of photos, but I also filmed a little get ready with me and follow me around video which I’ll share below if you want to see a little more of the day.

The #BandBClassic, as they called it, was a fun idea. Lots of microbrews, food vendors, and fun “adult” games like giant jenga and corn hole.  It is all set inside of Citi Field, which is a quick subway ride from Midtown and makes for a really fun and unique spot for this type of event.However, they might have done better to sell about 500 less tickets because it was so packed you had zero chance of getting to see everything you wanted.  Did I have a blast? You bet! Will I go back next year? Not unless they cut ticket sales.

After the classic we hoped back on the subway for Astoria where we asked a kind gentleman to take a picture of us all.  The only picture of the entire group and I decided it the perfect time to blink. #photofail – seriously, guys, what is life?  I can’t even be mad, look at how dang adorable everyone else looks!

Our friends-of-friends took us to Studio Square, this really fun beer garden with huge beer pitchers and every “bad” food you could ever want.  I highly recommend you give it a quick stop if you’re ever in the area.  We always like finding spots OUT of Midtown when we visit.  It’s even an event space you can rent for events.  Michael and I decided we definitely found our wedding venue. #justkidding #maybe
As I mentioned, I filmed a get ready with me and mini-follow me around if you’re curious.   I had a ton of fun putting this video together since I got to have a little more creativity with the editing, so I hope you enjoy!

I hope you’re all having a killer Tuesday. I have to go to the doctors today, which is just about my least favorite place to go. I think I’ll celebrate it being over with a Tuesday beer and pretend I’m back at Citi Field at the classic, whatcha think?

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