How To Have A *Realistically* Minimalist Wardrobe

I’ve been wanting to give my closet a good declutter for a while. Since I started being more conscious about the clutter in my home, I’ve gotten a lot better about not overloading my wardrobe. But I’ve been having the feeling my wardrobe needs

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When I was preparing to make this video I was reading an article on Forbes about the importance of morning routines and I about spit out my coffee when the author explained that each morning he woke up and journaled, reads for 45 minutes,
I’ve gotten into the habit of sharing some of my favorite picture books for the seasons and recently got a handful of DMs asking if I’d be doing spring. I AM HONORED you turned to me for this! Kids’ books are kinda an obsession.
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Helping you stuff your Easter basket for 2022. Of course, I always throw in some chocolates and treats, too, but I love adding in spring-themed gifts! I loved a ton of these finds this year. For some outdoor play I’ve got a fun umbrella

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