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Cucumber Infused Vodka

Hello friends! Today I have a wonderful tutorial coming at you along with a collaboration with the amazing Kaitlin over on her blog Chickadee Says!  One of my favorite summertime must-haves is home infused vodka. I’ve infused a handful of things, but cucumber quickly became my favorite.

Alright, let’s do this!

For about a pint (375mL) of vodka you’ll want one whole cucumber. Start by removing all the skin. Make sure not to leave any skin as it will give a bitter flavor.
Remove all the seeds with a spoon, otherwise they will loosen and float around in your vodka. Try to be gentle with your cucumbers so you don’t squeeze out too much juice.


Cut the cucumber into quarters. Again, being careful not to loose any unnecessary cucumber juice. Put the cucumber pieces into the vodka. Store the cucumber-vodka party in a dry, room temperature place. Let it hang out like this for 3 days. Patience is a virtue.
After 3 days, you’ll want to remove all the cucumber pieces, either by straining them out or by pouring the vodka into a new container. You should notice that the vodka has a very slight green tint now (verrrry slight.) Store it in your freezer and in enjoy in the next 2 weeks.
In the summer you can pour this vodka in anything. Try it in my Horseradish Bloody Mary recipe, or on the rocks with lime, mint, and seltzer.  
Or, the best way? Enjoy it the way Kaitlin mixed it up over on her blog:

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