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D.I.Y. Painted Canvas Quote

Hey friends! Today I have another D.I.Y. project for you! I’ve been on a roll lately, so I hope you like D.I.Y. projects!  Let me know if you do in the comments.

I’ve been wanting to try this D.I.Y. for a long time and finally got around to it and am SO PLEASED with the result. I can’t wait to make tons more!  This one says “The greatest mistake you can make in life is to constantly fear you’ll make one.” I have so many other fun quotes I want to put into painted canvas form!

It was crazy easy, too, anyone can do this. I get comments on a lot of D.I.Y. videos/posts with people saying “I wish I was creative enough to do this!” BELIEVE ME, YOU CAN MAKE THIS. Believe in yo’ self!

Alright, let’s get into the directions.

What you need: Canvas, any size you chose – I got this one at Ocean State Job Lot for about $9Paint – I use acrylic because they are fast drying, cheap and easy to useSpray paint – I got a cheap $1 bottleVinyl Lettering – I picked up the ones you use for mailboxes for about $2.69 a pack. Vinyl is key if you want easy removalStep One: Paint your canvas. You can do an abstract design like I did, paint a single color, place gold leafing, collage a bunch of magazine images…the possibilities are endless.Step Two/Three: Once the canvas is dry, you’re going to place the vinyl letters. Do yourself a favor a think about it before you place. I had 3-inch letters so I put a 3 inch buffer on the bottom and top and then measured out six 3.5” rows (giving the 1/2 inch so the letters wouldn’t be right on top of each other.)  Next I wrote my quote out on paper and decided how many letters would go on each line, and centered appropriately. Step Four: Take the entire canvas outdoors and spray paint until opaque.  I chose spray paint because A) it is the fastest and easiest and B.) I knew it’d give me the most solid, all over look. Again, you can go for lots of possibilities here.You could do the opposite of what I did and paint the canvas a single color and then go abstract on top.Step Five: Let it dry completely and then simply peel the vinyl letters off.  Take your time removing them so you get a nice clean line. And, that’s it! It’s just that simple! I really hope you liked this D.I.Y.What quote would you use for this D.I.Y?Signature

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