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DIY: How to Make a T-Shirt with Text (two different methods)

Confession session: I LOVE SHIRTS WITH WORDS. Oh lawd, it’s a problem. If it says things I want it. It’s like back in high school when you got your first car and you wanted to put all the bumper stickers all over it.
And, like the bumper stickers, I may look back at some point and regret this decision. Haha, no I won’t – text t-shirts are da bomb.
Either way, my obsession was getting out of hand when I started casually ordering a new one every month and thought that perhaps figuring out how to DIY this wouldn’t be a bad idea for my paypal account.  I scoured pinterest, per the usual, to find all the different methods and picked out two to try.  I enjoyed them both, and so I figured I’d share both methods with you.  They vary in skill/supplies, so hopefully you can find the method that’s just right for you.
All methods are also shown step-by-step in the tutorial video below.
METHOD ONE  //  This methods requires using iron on letters.  The pros are that it’s very easy and requires no artistic skills. The text is all done for you, all you need to do is cut and iron. Cons would be that you can’t do anything TOO long, and that attempting to get everything perfectly aligned is probably impossible.
What you need: t-shirt, iron on letters (I used ones like these), scissors and an iron.
Method: Cut out each letter you’ll need and arrange the first letter on the shirt. Using the iron you press the letters.  After they cool, you simply pull back the paper and reveal the adhered letter. Mega easy, am I right?
Tips: 1. Cut off any access around each letter. this will make arranging the letters easier. 2. Make sure you’re not putting the letters backwards when you place them downward on the shirt (I just double check each one before ironing.)
DIY T-shirt
METHOD TWO  //  This method requires using a transferred image and them tracing it in fabric paint.  It allows you WAY more freedom than the set iron-on letters, but also requires a little more skill.
What you need: t-shirt, Marvy Transfer Pen, fabric paint (I used the brand Tulip, and fabric paint will do), paintbrush (optional), tracing paper, and an iron.
Method: Trace or draw your image onto the tracing paper. Flip the paper over (so the image is inverted) and trace it with the transfer pen.  Let the pen’s ink dry and then iron the ink onto the shirt following the pen’s instructions (the image will now be right-side facing again!)  Use the fabric paint, and paintbrush if desired, to go over the image. Let it dry for 4 hours and wait 48 hours before wearing out and about.
Tip: Because the transfer pen’s tip is not that precise, you don’t have to trace the entire image/text.  You’ll see in the video I just trace the thickest parts of the letters and use them as a guide.

That does it! I hope you enjoyed!
What would you put on a shirt if you could have it say anything? My next one is going to say, “I blog because I’m not a good rapper.”

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