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Dollar Tree Pantry Makeover

My pantry was in a SERIOUS need of some TLC. So I headed to the Dollar Tree and gave it a complete makeover. I’m sharing my Dollar Tree pantry organization ideas from food storage to labeling.

To see the FULL Dollar Tree Pantry makeover watch my video. I’m sharing the whole process and some of my best pantry organization ideas. I’m also talking about which pantry storage items from the Dollar Tree I think are the best!


  • 0:55 Cleaning out the pantry
  • 1:15 Taking pantry inventory (get my free printable here)
  • 1:37 Plan out your space
  • 2:43 Getting your pantry cohesive
  • 4:44 Labeling
  • 6:18 How to organize the misc. stuff
  • 7:14 Final touches to complete the pantry
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