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How I get my Big, Voluminous, Messy Curls

Lately I’ve been embracing my big, messy hair. I was born with enough hair to make hair dressers squirm. (I have yet to leave a salon chair without some remark about how much hair is on my head.)
Blow drying my hair is a complete and utter joke, no one can hold their arms up for 45 minutes. Do you even lift bro? No, I don’t.
Often I’m trying to subdue my mane: brushing and polishing and straightening and smoothing.  But lately I’ve been embracing my wild hair and making it even more wild with curls and volume and hairspray AND I kinda love it. It doesn’t hurt that “messy hair” is kind of a thing right now.
I’ve worn this messy hairdo in a handful of recent videos on my YouTube channel and always get “hair envy!” comments every time I do. So, I figured I’d share my ways with you.  It’s a pretty simple method and can be done even if you don’t have as much hair as I do.

I show you how to achieve my messy curls in my most recent video, but here’s a quick little graphic.


1. PROTECT YO’ SELF: It’s always best to use a heat protectant when heat styling your hair.  Give a few quick sprays and brush it through your hair.

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2. CURL: Section your hair into the top and bottom and then using a 1” curling wand (mine is tapered and from Hot Tools), curl 1″ to 1-1/2″ sections leaving the ends out for a more un-done look.  Drop the curl into your hand an allow it too cool in the shape for 10 seconds.

3. HAIRSPRAY: You know you make this face when you hairspray too.  I’m using Big Sexy Hair “Get Layered” spray because it’s texturizing and a drier spray.

4. FINGER COMB: Using your finger, softly comb through the curls to loosen.

5/6. TEASE: Tease your roots with a teasing brush. Also softly tease each curl at the middle.

7. REPEAT: Let down the top section of your hair and repeat the same steps.


What do you think, have you been embracing the “messy hair” trend?Signature

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