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How I Updated My Gallery Wall for Under $30 (& how to make cheap wallart!)



So I recently gave my sad looking gallery wall a little update. (Seriously, look at that before, so sad looking!)  I created some super (like super, super) cheap wall art pieces and wanted to share my tricks with you.
My wall update was spurred by the purchase of Andy (see first photo to see who Andy is.)  He’s awesome.  He likes drinking margaritas, having dance parties, and he’s good luck if you rub him.  I’ve clearly already developed an unhealthy attachment to him.
Either way, I wanted to incorporate him into my gallery wall and it was the perfect opportunity to add some texture and dimension to my wall.  It’s still not perfect, but I’m pretty happy with the outcome.  I think it’s not only more interesting to look at, but also much more fun and is a better representation of my style.






Ok, so let me give you a break down of everything and then I’ll take you through a quick tutorial of how to create some of your own wall for mega cheap.
A lot of the pieces I already had in my procession, which helped.  I bought/made the following items for the update:
Andy: $10 – I got him at good old Marshall’s.  I’d been eyeing one of these for awhile and when I saw him on the clearance shelf I scooped him up.
Framed Quotes: $0.50 – No lies, these prints cost nothing and I show you how to make them below. I did buy one new frame for one of them, I got it from JoAnn Fabrics for $4.80.
Instagram-Themed Collage: $5 – I already owned this frame and just used some black paint to update it.  I made and printed the collage, which I show you how to make below!
It’s Coffee O’Clock: $0– I already owned all the tools to make this, but they are super cheap to make and very fun. I shared a whole DIY tutorial on how to make these painted lettered canvases you can check it out by clicking here.
Silver Ampersand: $4 – I purchased an unfinished wooden “&” from JoAnn Fabrics for $3 and some change.  I already owned silver spray paint, but it’s about $2 a can if you don’t have any. Side note: silver spray paint can make SO many things better.
Press for Champagne: $.50- My light switch was in the way and really bugging me.  I decided the only way to fix it was to incorporate it.  I spray painted an old frame silver (see, what did I tell you about that silver spray paint?) and created the “Press for Champagne” graphic using the same technique as for the Framed Quotes (which I show you below.) That’s about it.  Now if I can just figure out how to actually make it dispense champagne….
Art Prints: $3- I already owned these, as you can see in the before picture.  But, I have a little trick for getting these cheap so I figured I’d share it.  I picked these prints up at the Detroit Institute of Art when I was in Michigan a ways back. Buying your own art prints is much cheaper and then you can just buy your own frames.  It’s way more affordable then buying ones already framed.
Alright, let me share those two quick tutorials with you!


Step One: Visit – this is a free website to use. You can also pay to use some of the advanced featured.  Select “design,” at the top.


Step Two: Here you can make the design the size you want.  Used fixed proportions to make the area the size of whatever frame you are using.  You can also change the background color here by selecting “canvas color.”  I chose black.

Step Three: Click the Tt to get to text. You’ll see the PicMonkey texts as well as a tab that says “YOURS.”  This section imports all text on your computer.

Step Four: After adding text you can also add graphics by clicking the butterfly.  You can import your own from your computer, or use one of their many options.  I chose the bird and then modified it by making it all white.

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Step Five: Save this image to your computer and email (or bring it on a USB) to your local Staples (or print center).  My wall art print cost less than $0.48 to print.  I just had them copy it on regular copy paper since it was going behind glass, but you can also pay a tiny bit more and go for card stock.

Step One: Click “collage” on the PicMonkey homepage and select the pictures you want to use from your computer.

Step Two: You need to make this the right length and width on your own, since their aren’t proportion options on collage.  To do this simply visit a inches to pixel converter (like this one) to find out how many pixels wide by how many long you’ll need for whatever size frame you’re using. (Use 200 DPI or higher for best image quality.)

Step Three: Under collage options, choose square deal.

Step Four:  Start dragging your pictures in.  I wanted all my pictures to be squares, like on instagram, so I dragged in another row. You can do this by simply bringing a photo over and letting it hover above or below a set cell and a new cell will appear.
Step Five:  To make it even more “instagram” like, I wanted all my images to look like they had filters on them.  When you hover over an image and “edit” button appear.  Click this and select “effects.”  I chose intrepid for all of mine.  You can also click “open image in editor” to create even more filter options.
Step Six: Make sure your pixels are still correct and save to your desktop.  Just like with the wall art, take this image to a local Staples or print shop and tell them what size you want it printed.  Because mine was larger and in color, it was considered a “poster.”  They printed and cut it for me all for under $5. That does it. Hope you enjoyed these simple and money saving tips!Where’s your favorite place to buy affordable home decor?
What’s the best home decor DIY you’ve done?