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How to create a more pin-able graphic

Today we’re going to chat about how to make a more pin-able image or graphic for your blog or website.Pinterest is an AMAZING way to get traffic to your site. If you’re writing a post that would work well on Pinterest, it’s important to take the time to make an image or graphic that will translate well onto Pinterest so you can capitalize on that free publicity (it’s like when celebrities pretend to date other celebrities for free publicity, but you don’t have to go out to dinner with anyone you don’t like.)

Let’s start with making an image you have more pin-able.

 Create a more pin-able image:  1. Pick a great image, something that’s high-quality and looks more editorial in style, it gives the pin more trustworthiness and validity.2. Create an overlay, this helps the title pop without taking away from the image.3. Make a title that is straight-to-the point.  Most of us scan through our Pinterest feeds quickly, you want to grab attention right away.  Pick legible fonts that aren’t too “childish.” I often find mixing a basic font with a more “fun” or “swirly” font pairs really nicely.4. Don’t forget your URL watermark to ensure you’re always getting the credit even if the image is moved from Pinterest.

 Create a more pin-able graphic:

1. Make a title that is straight-to-the point, clear and concise. Again, choose font wisely.
2. Give the reader most the information they will need, MOST being the key word.  When the pin looks like it gives the reader all they will know, they are more likely to save it because it looks more valid and useful.  However, once they actually want to access it, they’ll likely have to click through to your site to get ALL the information they need (for example, in this graphic, readers need to click through to know how much of each item to use, etc.), giving you page views!
3. Don’t forget that watermark!
Now, I’m going to show you how I amped up my most recent graphic using these tips and my new HP Sprout!

Meet my new boyfriend, (don’t tell Michael!)  This is the *HP Sprout. Sprout is a brand new, all-in-one computer. At first glance it’s a full desktop with  Intel Core i7 Processor, 1TB of storage and a Windows operating system, but it is SO much more beyond that. It features an all-touch user interface on its 23″ Full HD touchscreen and the capacitive Touch Mat (that’s the mat you see flat on the table.) The really unique part of Sprout is “The Illuminator,”  this has a 3D camera and projection engine, which allows you to scan 2D or 3D objects and instantly display them on the Touch Mat!
Let me show you how it works and how I used it to create an awesome pin-able graphic for my last cocktail recipe!
Using “The Illuminator,” I scan each ingredient onto the Sprout. This is one of the coolest features of this computer, you can grab and item or product (or even 2D photos or textures) in mere seconds! 
Once I have the images, I can edit them up however I want. For this graphic I wanted a more 2D look, and so I removed all the background shadow using the “background” feature.   Now all I have to do it flip my product images down onto the pad and get them arranged how I want. I love the fluid it is to use the Sprout and the huge range of creativity it gives me. Plus, having that 23″ HD screen to view all my work while I create is a game-changer!
Once I have the images organized how I want, it’s time to snazzy it up to grab the Pinterest user’s attention.  As mentioned above, I have added a title, watermark, and MOST the information the readers will need.  I also amped this one up some more with arrow graphics and texts to make the graphic pop even more.  I had a little more fun with this graphic since the post reflected a more fun, light-hearted graphic.
So there you have it, these are my tips for creating a more pin-able image. Pinterest is a huge source of views on my site, and it’s an awesome place to access new readers!
What are your best Pinterest tips?

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