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How to get a glowing complexion and bigger looking eyes

Hey, guess what? Spring it coming.

I swear it, it really is. I know for a lot of us, when we look outside (or FEEL outside) it doesn’t feel like Spring is anywhere close by, but it is. Soon we’ll all be in flip flops and short shorts, lounging in the backyard with a mojito, roasting marshmallows on the fire.

Ok, where was I…? I got a little lost in that daydream there for a quick second….

Right, Spring! When I think about Spring coming, I think of the world coming to life again: flower buds, bright skies, the fresh smell of cut grass. So, I wanted to create a makeup look that would reflect that. In today’s video and info-graphics, I’m sharing some tips and tricks to get a glowing complexion AS WELL AS some tips for making your eyes appear brighter and bigger. Combined, it gives you a beautiful, fresh faced look, perfect for the upcoming season.

1. Try an illuminating primer such as the L’Oreal Magic Lumi primer or the Estee Lauder Illuminating Primer.

2.  Applying your foundation with a brush that has been spritzed with setting spray helps lock in the foundation without having to use a powder (which takes away from the glowing, dewy look!)  Also try a dewy foundation such a Rimmel Match Perfection,  Maybelline Fit Me “Dewy,” or Chanel Aqualemiere.

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2. Applying a powder highlight to tops of the cheek bones and forehead helps to make your face appear more radiant as it’s where light naturally hits.  Other spots to consider is down the very center of your nose and your cupid’s bow.

get bigger eyes

1. Using a thin top line helps make your lashes appear more full, but saves on the closed-in look a thicker line can give.

2. Nude/white liner on the waterline makes it look like the whites of your eyes are bigger, opening the entire eye up and making it look bright and awake.

3. Using a brightening concealer under your eyes adds lightness to the entire area.

4. Highlighting the inner corners and brow bones brings light to all the right places and brightens the entire area.

5. Adding a dark shadow along the lower lash line and JUST on the outer most corner helps extend the eye making the entire area look like it takes up more space, faking the appearance of a bigger eye.

Check out my video where I share my tips and tricks: Fast Forward to about 1:48 to see the tutorial 🙂

What are your favorite bright-faced products?

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