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How To: The Perfect Long-Lasting Red Lip

1. Exfoliated lips are key before applying lipstick because lipstick will attach to any dry patches.  You can use a lip scrub – like my DIY Mint Lip Scrub.
2. You always need to moisturize after any exfoliation.
3. Using a well pigmented concealer and a small foundation brush conceal the area around your lips helping to create a blank canvas.
4. Line your lips with a red lip liner (I’m using Wet n Wild in Berry Red.) Towards the center of your lips you can line just outside your natural lip line to help give the appearance of a more plump lip.  As you draw towards the outer corners of your lips meet back up with your natural lip line.  I make an x-shape in the center of my top lip to help guide my lip’s shape.
5. Using the same lip liner, fill in entire lip.  Doing this well help the lipstick last longer by creating a base and will prevent creasing and bleeding of the lipstick as well.
6.  Whenever applying a highly pigmented lipstick, I find using a brush, such as a small concealer brush, gives me the best application.  Because the brush allows me to be much more accurate, I don’t have to worry about getting red lipstick where I don’t want it (you know, like my chin…not that this has happened to me before or anything.)  I also find that patting the color on with a brush helps it set better, allowing it to last longer. (I’m wearing L’Oreal in True Red)
7.  Using a highlighting powder I dab a tiny bit onto my cupid’s bow (the spot right above the center of your top lip) as well as a little on the center of my bottom lip.  Highlighting and area makes it appear to stand out more, so this gives your lips a more plump look.  You can also achieve this by adding a clear or red gloss to just the center of your lips.
Voila! You did it!  Now get on with your bad self.

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