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Nail Art (for dummies)

Thanks to #nailart on instagram and Pinterest, we’ve all spent way too long in the black hole of adorable nail art designs.
Trouble is…they are hard. Like, a lot harder than those Pinterest tutorials make them look.  Luckily, there is a way to get cute nail designs without the frustration of trying to paint them on yourself…enter the nail wraps.
If you’ve never seen them before, nail wraps are sheets of what are essentially stickers for your nails. They come in endless designs and pop onto your nail with such ease even your dog could do it. (“But First, Coffee” doesn’t condone applying nail wraps to your pets.)
I’ve used quite a few different brands of these, but my current favorite is It’s a Nail.*  The reason I’ve been preferring these is because they are actually made with real nail polish.  This make them a lot more pliable than other wraps I’ve used in the past. They don’t get brittle after a few days, which makes them last on the nails a lot longer as well.  Lastly, because they are nail polish, they come off easily with nail polish remover.
If you’ve never used wraps before, they come with very simple instructions and after you do a nail or two you’ll see they are extremely easy to use.  You just pop the “sticker” on to your nail, press it into place and file off any excess.
Within minutes, you’re left with a perfect nail art manicure that didn’t require any sweat, blood, tears, or confused boyfriends wondering why it’s been taking you 45 minutes to paint your nails.
One last plus? These wraps last much LONGER than regular nail polish.  I find that my It’s a Nail* wraps last at least 2-3 times as long as regular polish.  I put on my last wraps on a Friday and that Saturday I went into NYC for the entire day (and a good part of the night).  Usually that kind of wear (traveling and being in the city), on normal nail polish, is enough to leave me with chips, but Sunday night these still looked as fresh as when I popped them on! I wore them for days and days after that, too.
Thanks to companies like It’s a Nail, anyone can have cute nail art without needing the skills to paint them on themselves!
Have your tried any nail wraps?


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