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Shit Bloggers Do

Blogging for just over a year doesn’t exactly make me a blogging expert, sometimes I still am hesitant to call myself a “blogger.”  But, I have spent the past 13 months reading countless other blogs, becoming friends with tons of other bloggers and following a lot of them on various social medias. And, while I’m not particularly proud to admit it, since I’m guilty of most all of them, there are some things us “bloggers” do.

1. Instagram like it’s a sport
I’m sorry I’m not sorry that perfecting the instagram photo is an art form.  Please don’t disrupt me while I perfectly arrange my lunch for this picture.

2. Preform intensive research on buzz feed.
It is vital that bloggers know important facts like Reasons Drinking Wine is the Same as Going to the Gym or What Your Spirit Animal is.

3. Perfect the “candid” photo shots.
OMG I didn’t even know you were taking that photo. SRSLY, I was just casually leaning against this tree with my face coincidentally facing natural sunlight.

4. Love Target, Starbucks, wine and puppies.
No wonder I like them all so much.

5. Wish they could blog full-time.
No, but really, why can’t I do this as my job?

6. But First, coffee let me take a selfie.
If blogging had a job description, I’m pretty sure “taking selfies” would be one of the first requirements.

7. Seek out the perfect backdrop for our photos. 
I bet you couldn’t tell from the above photos that I was actually taking these photos in the sketchy alley behind a liquor store.

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8. Blog it like it’s hot.
Well, I was just about to quote Snoop Dogg’s (Snoopzilla’s? Snoop Lion’s?) song here, but turns out those lyrics are a heck of a lot more inappropriate than I remember them being. But, we sure do blog it like it’s hot.

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What is some others “shit” that bloggers do?
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