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Signs That You Might be an Adult


I know it’s scary, but let’s not panic. Here are some warning signs that you may, in fact, be an adult.

1. You stop ordering Red Bull and cheap vodka and start getting Vodka (top shelf because you don’t want a shitty hangover) and tonic (’cause you’re watching your calories).

2. You actually want to see pictures of other people’s babies.

3. You start to spend more money on things like cheese, wine, and a good quality vacuum.

4. Staying up late is a lot different – it becomes impressive if you make it past 9:45pm most nights.

5. Everyone starts to look younger – seriously, everyone is like, 10.

6. $100 isn’t a lot of money anymore.

7. You don’t know the latest slang and apps that “kids” are using these days. Really, wtf is KIK?

8. You actually have a preferred kind of toilet paper or paper towel, and you discuss this at happy hour with friends.

9. You plan ahead. You do your dishes before everything is dirty, wash your laundry before you’re out of clean underwear, and go to the grocery store before the fridge only has hot sauce in it.

But First, Coffee

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