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Travel | Day Drinks in Bristol, RI

Hola my friends. Today’s post is a picture heavy one. I’m not sure why I feel the need to tell you that, but I always see people warning readers at the beginning of a post if a post has lots of pictures. I’m not sure if lots of pictures is supposed to be a bad thing? Personally, I like lots of pictures. Unless it’s lots of pictures of just one thing, then I get bored.

Anyhow, today’s post is picture heavy so pour yourself a cup of coffee and settle in.  This past weekend my dad, stepmom, Michael and I took a day trip to Bristol, Rhode Island.  The plan was to get lunch and tour the Blithewold Estate. But, unfortunately for us the Blithewold was closed early for a wedding. But, we improvised following the wise words of my father, “Let’s get drunk.”

Before arriving in Bristol we made a pit stop in Warwick, RI for lunch at the Tree House Tavern and Bistro.  Although it wasn’t necessarily sunny out, the weather was still nice and they sat us outside in the “wood shed.” Or, at least that’s what I think they called it.



I was immediately delighted to see they had an extensive cocktail list which looked quite impressive. If there’s one thing I love more equal to a good cup of coffee, it’s a proper cocktail.  Pictured left to right we ordered a Berry Mojito,  for Dad, Lavender Prosecco, for Robyn, and the Cucumber Cilantro (with Cilantro and Cucumber Vodka, St. Germaine and lime), for myself. You know I’m loving me some St. Germaine right now.



Michael continued on his quest to try all the scotches he can and ordered the Glengoyne.



For meals my dad and I split the Sweet Potato pizza (which also had goat cheese, prosciutto, balsamic and heaven on top.) Robyn ordered the summer vegetable salad with Salmon and Michael went for Cheesesteak. The food didn’t disappoint, it was DELICIOUS.

Upon arriving at the Blithewold Estate and realizing we wouldn’t be able to see it, we headed back into downtown Bristol.  Since we’d sped off from The Tree House Tavern without dessert, we made that our first order of business and stopped into Tea at the Belvedere for tea and sweets.




I won’t lie, ever since having tea in London, I have an affinity for the practice. I’m not sure why Americans can’t get in on the bandwagon – perhaps harsh feelings from the whole Boston Tea Party nonsense?  We split a pot of mint tea and scoffed down -I mean ever so politely ate our desserts.  Then, it was off to find a new form liquid refreshment.

A quick look at what I wore that day.  My top and shorts are both from Abercrombie & Fitch and my sandals were a Payless purchase, you know I love me a deal.

We wandered into J.R. Bean Saloon after I used my ever so handy “Yelp” to help me find the closest tavern that didn’t have 3 stars or less.  Apparently J.R. Bean was a Texan judge who sentenced the most hangings. Sounds like a stand up fella.  We shared a round of Brooklyn beer and made friends with the Irish bartender.

From the window of the saloon we could see another bar, this one on the water, and decided we must continue our venture onward. We arrived to be pleasantly greeted b the Thames Street Bar and Grill, which just so conveniently had a rooftop bar and it just so conveniently happened to be just as the sun was setting.

A quick photo sesh with pops and we headed up!



Bloody Mary, Gin and Tonic and a beautiful setting sun. Life is good.



While the night didn’t necessarily stop here, this is where I’ll leave you since this is when my camera took up residence in the back seat of my car for the rest of the night.

What’s your go-to summer cocktail?
What’s your favorite plan b when plans don’t go the way you think?