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Well hello San Francisco.  I won’t lie, pretty much the first thing we did when we got to San Fran was go to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Michael and I aren’t really tourist people by nature, we usually tend to avoid the common landmarks.  That being said, some places have landmarks you can’t really leave without at least snapping a quick photo of, and the Golden Gate Bridge is one of those.
So, we crossed it off our list first so we could get to getting out and about and enjoying the city.
Immediately from the GGB we headed to Katana Ya, which was conveniently right near our hotel.  Katana Ya was recommended by multiple sources for sushi and Ramen bowls.  We were warned it looks like a “hole in the wall,” but is very good.  So, we arrived with an appetite.
They had Sapporo on draft, so we ordered a round while we looked at the menu.  As warned, the place is small and nothing special to look at.  But, the abundance of clearly local residents was a good sign.
I ordered two rolls, something spicy and something tuna – but I honestly can’t remember what.  I just remember that they were good.
Michael ordered the miso-based Ramen bowl with friend chicken, per the suggestion of someone who’d recommended the place.
We also split a shrimp tempura roll.  Michael had never eaten sushi before and he figured now was the time to try.  I ordered shrimp tempura for him since it’s a pretty basic sushi for a first-timer.  Consensus? He liked it.
We stayed at the Fairmont Hotel for our two nights in the city.  Michael had seen it in the movie, “The Rock,” -which he later made me watch – and really wanted to stay there.  Turns out using movies for your hotel recommendations isn’t a bad idea as the place was GORGEOUS.  We had an amazing room and an even more amazing view of the city from it.
It was the perfect place to pop open some of our wine from our recent stay in Napa and pour it into hotel room glasses.  Cheers!
The next morning we headed back out with another tourist destination to get to for the day. What can I say, San Fran brought out the tourists in us – I’m even sporting the first ever clothing souvenir I’ve ever bought on a vacation: a #SANFRAN tee from Express.
Can you guess where we went?
If you guessed Alcatraz, you’re right!  Michael and I are both American History nerds and the chance to visit the iconic island was too tempting to pass up.
Heading back to our hotel we got lost.  Now, getting lost in a normal city can be a little bothersome, but getting lost in San Fran is different because of all the hills! Ain’t nobody want to scale one of those monsters unless they know for sure it’s taking them where they want to go.
We decided it best to stop.  Well, truthfully…we saw people sitting under an awning drinking Bloody Marys and thought, “hey, I want to do that.”  We ended up at Park Tavern and had jerky-topped Bloodys and split a Bread and Butter Pickled Chicken Sandwich.
It was the perfect beginning to a string of bar hopping from the Tonga Room to Top of the Mark (where they have awesome martinis, BTW) as we tried to make the most of our short time in the city.

The entire night ended with an espresso milkshake. That’s called a #grownupwinHave you ever been to San Francisco?

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