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Stocking Stuffers For Babies and Toddlers

I have a general method I follow when doing stockings. I tend to look for 3-5 “nicer” items (typically between $10-$25). Then, I use filler items for the rest (typically under $5).

So, first is my list of ideas of “nicer” items.

Then, keep scrolling for my filler, $5, ideas.

Finally, at the end, I added some ideas for babies (under 12 months)

Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers $5-$20

Chunkie Paint Sticks – Our FAVORITE paint sticks. Another great option would be some crayon rocks or recycled crayons in star shapes.

Handmade Wooden Car – It’s hard to go wrong with a nice quality, handmade wooden toy to add something unique to the stocking.

EcoDough Set – Made with all-natural ingredients and colors, this dough is made by a husband/wife team in Maine.

Magnetic Set in a Tin – A set of four magnetic games all wrapped up in a tin box for easy storage and for family fun on the go! Also comes in a mermaid version.

Magic Reveal Pad Set – These are sets of coloring pages where the colors are revealed with water. Use the water-filled brush to color for mess-free fun!

Glo Pals – Glo Pals are little blocks that only light up when submerged in water. Fun for bath or water play.

Supergirl Doll – I love having a stuffed animal or doll in kid’s stockings, they look super cute sticking out the top. I think it’s worth it to get a slightly nicer one and this set of dolls from The Great Pretenders are $20 and all SO cute (see them all here)

Winter Pom Pom Hat – Honestly any hats, socks, underwear, and mittens are always great stocking stuffer ideas.

Rainbow Dough Cup – Land of Dough makes these amazing cups of playdough in all colors and varieties.

Bathtime Crayons – Designed specifically for drawing in the tub, then rinses away.

Reusable Sticker Set – Stickers are ALWAYS a hit. I like these sets of reusable stickers.

Maileg Mouse – I LOVE the Maileg mice, specifically the ones in boxes/suitcases. They are small but unique and special, and perfect for stockings.

Skoolzy Egg Match – This is a toy that literally works starting at 12 months and continues into preschool age. Skoolzy, the brand, makes a ton of similar like products all under $20 that would all make great stocking stuffers. See them all.

Around Town Car Set – This is a really nice set of 5 wooden cars.

Stocking Stuffer Fillers Under $5 for Toddlers

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Baby

I wanted to throw in some ideas for some stocking ideas for those under 12 months, too!