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Stocking Stuffers for Him

When I make stockings, I like to fill it with a handful of slightly nicer items (usually up to $25) and then fill in the rest with the smaller items we always think of in stockings (like candy, deodorant, etc.) So I made a list of some great stocking stuffer ideas below under $25. Then at the bottom I also rounded up anything great I found for $5 or less to fill in the rest!

one. Bedside Organizer – Designed to clip to the side of the bed it’s a perfect little organizer for all their stuff.

two. Survival Blade – Honestly, a pretty practical gift they’ll actually use.

three. Grow Your Own Salsa Kit – A sort of fun and different idea, this kit grows Roma tomatoes, jalapeños, verde tomatillos, cilantro, scallions, and beefsteak tomatoes.

four. 100 Things toDo When Quarantine is Over Scratch Off Poster

five. Men’s Care Gift Sets – This brand makes a handful of different care gift sets for men.

six. Leather Cord Bundler

seven. Dad Jokes Mug

eight. Corn on the Cob Popcorn– Butter or salt these cobs, microwave them in the bag, and pop them like any other popcorn.

nine. Beard Care Gift Set – I like kits like this because you can take them apart and wrap them each individually, perfect for stockings.

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ten. Interesting Stories Book – For the guy who loves having random facts this is a book of interesting stories about history, science, and more.

eleven.The Office” Sign – Self-adhesive sign for any “The Office” lover.

twelve. Mini Bluetooth Speaker – This can clip to a gym bag, golf clubs, workout bench, etc.

thirteen. Electric Wine Opener – An electric wine opener will change your life if you don’t already own one.

fourteen. On the Go Old Fashioned Kit

fifteen. Wireless Charger – Very practical and useful gift for the office or nightstand.

sixteen. “I Survived Another Meeting That Should Have Been an Email” mug

seventeen. Father Figure Tee

eighteen. Bike Repair Kit – Multi-purpose bike tool for any biker in your life.

nineteen. Wall Mounted Bottle Opener – We got this for Michael and it’s actually super practical in the kitchen for beers or sodas.

twenty. Face Wash – I’ll never understand why men and women need different face washes, but my husband never wants to use mine and always wants his own “man” one.


Stocking Stuffers for Him Under $5

While I like to fill my stockings with some nicer things between $10-$20, you still need some fun fillers under $5. It’s really what stockings are made for! Here’s some great under $5 items for guys.