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How to Hang a Gallery Wall Effortlessly

When I recently shared that I was adding a gallery wall to my space, I was flooded with a lot of questions. How do you choose your gallery wall art? Do you use a color scheme? Which frame should I use? How do you arrange the gallery wall? Tips for hanging?! And, I know a gallery wall can feel ... READ the POST

Productivity Hacks For Moms

Getting things done with a little one at home can feel really impossible sometimes. When they are awake they can often consume 100% of your attention. Personally, I know I really struggled with this when I first became a mom. A "doer" by nature, I like to be doing. Motherhood was an adjustment ... READ the POST

36 Activities to Do At Home with Your Baby

Let's just start this post out by saying, I'm not a professional when it comes to this topic. As far as my background, I went to school for education and spend a handful of years teaching. I've taught every age from 3 through high school. So, yes I'm studied on basic pedagogy, but at the end of the ... READ the POST