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Travel | Poncho in Cusco


Guys, why had I never owned a poncho until this moment in my life? When we were on our last two days in Cusco, Peru, I picked up this poncho on a whim. The weather was a tad colder than I had anticipated and I was out of my long-sleeved tops. With alpaca yarn and textiles everywhere across the country, I figured my closet could use an alpaca poncho… and I was right.










If you want to ready more about our time in Cusco, you can check out my last Cusco post.  On this afternoon we strolled around the town and ended up at a small beer house close to the main square. Never one to turn down a chance to try a local beer – don’t want to be rude – we wandered in.




While the selection of Peruvian beer wasn’t extensive, and you couldn’t find it on tap anywhere – not even their local beer house, it was still pretty decent beer.  I even had one made with quinoa, which was grown all over Sacred Valley.


Now, as much as I don’t even want to utter the words, fall is coming and that means, so is the crisper weather. I think ponchos and capes are so perfect for that time of year. They are cozy, comfortable, and super toasty warm!

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Shop the look, ponchos & capes perfect for fall

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