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Wedding Wednesday: Venue Hunting

All those people who say wedding planning is stressful, were right.  Not that I didn’t believe them, but I just wasn’t prepared for everyone having an opinion. Everyone has something they want to tell you, something you should do or shouldn’t do.

That’s all I’m really going to say about that, because in general we’re extremely lucky to have friends and family reminding us that it’s “our day” and we should, “do what we want.”

Our current issue is finding WHERE we want to get married. I’m not anywhere near discouraged about this. We’re giving ourselves plenty of time to plan this wedding and still have months before a venue needs to be chosen. But, we do start to question ourselves: Are we being too picky? Will we really find what we want? Are we being reasonable?

The past two weekends we went venue searching and did NOT find the place we wanted to get married. We, did, however, have some fun browsing and we’re trying our darndest to keep that optimism and we scratch them all off the list and start from square one.

All in all, we saw some beautiful locations.

Eat some REALLY delicious food.

Consumed plenty of good cocktails, (for research purposes).

And even drove two states over, because why not?  Plus, it introduced me to this adorable pink coffee truck. Um, can I have one?

Anyone else have/had wedding venue shopping struggles?


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