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Wedding Wednesday: Will you be my bridesmaid?

will you be my bridesmaid
will you be my bridesmaidwill you be my bridesmaid
will you be my bridesmaid

I finally asked my last girl friend to be my bridesmaid this past week which means I can finally share my “Will you be my bridesmaid” boxes with you! Yay! This was such a fun project because I actually got to feel like I was DOING something for the wedding.  Right now we’re still in such a planning mode that not too much is physical. What can I say, I like projects I can get my hands dirty with.Here’s how I constructed my boxes….
First things first, I headed over to Michael’s and bought square paper craft boxes.  Using a little elbow grease, I painted each lady’s name on the front with some simple flowers.  I wanted the boxes to sort of resemble our wedding’s theme/colors/mood.Inside I added our wedding mood board (which I shared here if you want to see it larger) as well as a paper with each lady’s name and phone number, since a few of them haven’t met yet. And, of course,  the paper with the important question, “will you be my bridesmaid?”  I just made these papers on my computer and went to Staples to print them out.
Underneath all the “paperwork” I included a nail polish that was within our wedding colors and a glitter-encrusted mini champagne bottle.  These were a simple (although slightly messy) DIY. I just mod-podged the entire bottle and then covered in glitter.
All my bridesmaids have been sending me pictures of the places the glitter has been ending up, which makes me laugh. I swear I’m still finding it on my rug.
I had SO much fun putting these boxes together and giving them to my girls! Plus, while caught up in the excitement of bridesmaid boxes I also helped Michael make up some awesome boxes for asking his groomsmen and I can’t wait to share that with you all! He still has one guy to ask, so you’ll just have to wait for that one.
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